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5 Best Heartwarming K-dramas That You Need To Watch Right Now!

5 Best Heartwarming K-dramas That You Need To Watch Right Now!

5) Start-Up


Korea a developing country, is also very rich in high-tech industries, in this harsh competitive world 2 young entrepreneurs – Dal-mi who is very passionate to be successful in her life with her dream start-up, and – Nam do-san who was once the pride of his family but now he is considered as a shame of his family because of his business going down from 2 years accidentally encounter each other.

When they meet each other Dal-mi remembers Do-san as his old lover which turns out for them to work together with the spark of love and success

Was Do-san really the old lover of Dal-mi or is this some misunderstanding turning into reality? Can they be successful with their start up or Do-san will still be recognized as the shame of the family?

find out in this K-drama : Start-Up


The concept of this show is just so amazing for the young generation and entrepreneurs, which can easily motivate you to start your entrepreneur journey, and anything which positively affects you should not be missed at all, this is what makes Start-Up a must-watch K-drama, the twisted love story of two young entrepreneurs will always make you smile and is good enough to satisfy romantic genre, the direction and screenplay of this kdrama is so good and very amazingly executed. the professional and romantic clash between two entrepreneurs was my favorite part and it definitely made me laugh and was heartwarmingly attractive

so Start-Up is an amazing watch if you wanna watch some light-hearted romance , comedy, and inspiring story of entrepreneurs . the only reason it is paced at number 5 is the others were slightly well executed

Genre – Romantic , Comedy , Slice Of Life

Streaming On Netflix


4) extraordinary attorney woo


This story is about Woo,27 years old girl born with a 164 IQ – extremely smart, with a unique thought process and impressive memory, also diagnosed with autism disorder (autistic). She is also graduated from a prestigious law school and she continues her journey of being a lawyer while facing her mental, social problems caused by people ( prejudice and irrational behavior) and solving different cases

Can she be a successful lawyer with the type of personality she has? Can she solve her cases perfectly or will she be tackled by the people causing problems?

find out in : Extraordinary Attorney Woo


This series gives justice to the statement “Weird is fun”, i absolutely loved how this kdrama puts us in the shoes of the protagonist and how accurately we can feel the way she sees the world, the acting by the actors is way too good and real, screenplay is tight and enjoying most of the times, the comedy in between makes the story light and balanced and is actually funny. The struggles of problems caused by people, and how she deals with all that is so heartwarming and amazing, also the satisfaction after every episode makes the show even better and a must watch

this show really tells us about the optimism, the hardships of prejudice, and irrational treatment in a very impressive way with amazing courtroom drama hint in it, So no one should miss this sensitive topic executed at its best

Genre : Legal drama , comedy , slice of life

Streaming on Netflix


3) 18 Again


Dae-young and Da-jung, two college sweethearts’ lives demanded lifetime commitment when they realized they were going to be parents of twins. Struggles lead them to where they are twenty years ahead in the present- parents of eighteen-year-old twins and on the verge of a divorce initiated by Dae-young, the wife.

Da-Jung, who fails to understand the feelings and emotions of his wife and children is mortified and deep in regret when he looks back on his life and realizes his mistakes. He wishes that he could turn back the time to when he was eighteen and fix his life. Strangely, he soon finds his body transformed into the eighteen-year-old version of himself and he takes this chance to redo his life aiming for a different outlook on relations again.

Can he make things better ? Can he succeed what he wishes for or will it be all left undone ?

find out in: 18 again


What makes ’18 Again’ special? The list is endless. As the episodes go on and the stories and feelings unravel; you’ll get emotional, sometimes even burst into tears; you will feel warm, you’ll break into laughter and slowly it gets swoony; you experience high school, friendships, love, and marriage. In a nutshell, 18 again will make you look at relationships like between a wife & husband, children & parents, siblings and friends with individual perspectives. ’18 Again’ is adorned with a top-notch soundtrack, fascinating cinematography, and a star-studded cast.

Personally, this show made me grow as a teenager and I enjoyed this journey wholeheartedly and you all should experience this fun show which will even make you a better person

Genre : Romance , Comedy , Fantasy ( time travel)

Streaming On Netflix

“On rainy days, people can measure how big their love is. Even when they share umbrellas, as everyone holds them at different angles, it’s clearly visible how big their love is. So love and rain come hand in hand.”


2) its okay to not be okay


Ko Moon-young is a famous, very rich, and successful children’s book author with a mysterious past and antisocial behavior who seems to have never known love, the feeling of being loved has never encountered her. On the other hand, Moon gang-tae moves new in town after witnessing his mother’s murder, he now is a community health worker at a psychiatric ward and lives with his brother suffering from autism disorder, has to take care of his work and his brother so he does not have time to for love

One day they strangely encounter each other and Ko Moon-young finds a romantic obsession with Gang-tae after finding out their pasts overlaps

What is the mysterious past of Moon-young? Who killed the mother of Gang-tae? Will they heal each other in this unconditional love or this will be told as an incomplete love story?

Find out in : Its okay to not be okay


This kdrama is a cinematic masterpiece!! This K-drama gives you a rollercoaster ride of all the genres out there, Thriller, comedy, romance, mystery, horror and slice of life Which makes this a complete perfect watch. Star-cast did 10/10 performance in acting , the direction is pretty banger , screenplay keeps you engaged , beautiful cinematography and content visuals all of this is just perfect , the obsession of ko moon young and the cold behaviour of gang-tae will make you laugh, will make your heart warm and my favorite part is the bond between two brothers which makes you smile whenever they show up together

the BGM is also very accurate according to the situation which makes this k-drama 2 times better. so you should not miss this masterpiece if you wanna make yourself emotionally better and if you love rom-com with the hint of every genre

Genre : Romantic , Comedy , Slice of life


1) Move To Heaven


In this sorrowful, harsh world there are trauma cleaners who uncover the stories, lifestyle of the deceased by helping their family to know about them more, the trauma cleaners was operated by a father and son. but here comes a turn, Geu-ru a teenager suffering from Asperger syndrome ( who can’t express emotions and can’t communicate properly ) looses his father in a traumatic sudden incident, now has to stay and work with his ex-convict uncle in trauma cleaners, being the successor of his father. Geu-ru and his uncle works in the trauma cleaners with two different personalities ,helping the families uncover the stories of deceased. meanwhile his uncle has its own painful past that caught him up as a convict

Can uncle and nephew having opposite personalities work together? What is the painful past of his uncle? How does a teenager like Geu-ru handle the loss of his father and his work at the same time?

find out in : Move To Heaven


Move to heaven is a gem , a literal gem that makes you grow emotionally , makes you grow as a person with literally 10/10 concept , the concept of trauma cleaners the back story of the deceased their point of views makes me wanna cry in happiness , makes me emotional in a heartwarming way. literally one of the best execution you will ever see , the direction the star cast everything is way too perfect

The way this k-drama shows you the concept of life, death and emotional bonds is legit the best ever shown and no one can beat it. this k-drama is just like a box, a box full of everything you need nothing left out, no unnecessary exaggeration , unnecessary plot devices this series is worth to watch

This is my personal favourite kdrama i have ever watched!!

it also covers the issues of LGBTQ and humanity itself which is just the cherry on the top, the comedy and simple humor in this makes the show 10/10 to watch

genre : Slice of life , drama

Streaming on netflix

“two of us are looking at the same thing, but one sees love while the other sees hate”



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