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5 Best Indian Web-series That Are Beyond Your Imagination

5 Best Indian Web-series That Are Beyond Your Imagination

5) Escaype Live


Social media is the fastest growing trend/app in this world which is driving people crazy for fame and money, following this a new live streaming ( social media ) app Escaype Live is launched, offering a big amount of money and massive fame to the best creator on their platform

The journey starts when the lives of 6 regular Indians are involved in the struggle to win the best creator award for fame and money by crossing the boundaries they never should have and turning their lives upside down

How far they can go for a social media app? how much is too much? Will the lines between real and virtual begin to blur as they gear up for the contest?

find out in Escaype live


The concept of this web series wins it all, such an amazing new era concept that kept me hooked from the start. the point of view and the story of every character and how this app turns their lives upside down and how only they are responsible for all the mess is just perfect, the acting of all the actors was super real, and the basic preview of the story is seen multiple times but the deep story and the execution is far better and something fresh in the segment of web series, the lust, the adventure, betrayal , greed everything is shown beautifully

the only reason it placed a bit lower than the others on my list is sometimes this series overexaggerates and which just drifts us apart from reality other than that this is a must-watch for everyone

Genre – Thriller , Crime , Drama

Streaming on Hotstar Disney +


4) Asur : Welcome To Your Dark Side


How far can you go for Indian mythology? A person with a terrifying mask used as his identity goes on a killing streak based on his beliefs Indian mythology and cutting the index fingers of his victims

2 forensic experts are challenged to investigate these web-like cases of Indian mythology later leaving them in dreadful situation which can even cost their lives

How will this end? Will the real face of this ASUR be revealed? or our forensic will end up losing their lives in the hunt of Mask man

find out in : Asur : Welcome To Your Dark Side


Perfect, crazy murder mystery + Indian mythology = Asur. This web series is one of the best mystery web series created in India, 2 episodes are enough in this web-series to blow your mind and frighten you out of your wits, and the story keeps on getting scrambled like a web which will hook you even more with this web-series, the psychotic behavior of the killer, the desperation of our protagonists and the feeling of being suspicious and suspecting everyone looks very much real, the cinematography is beautiful, unsettling and creepy at the same time. The screenplay is just like slow poison, Patience is highly needed in unnecessary long conversations but it is worth watching for the mind-blowing climax. The actors did outstanding work and made this masterpiece even better

So if you are a fan of slow-burn mystery, thrillers DO not miss this at all

Genre: Mystery , Thriller, Crime, Mythology

Streaming On Voot


3) Breathe ( Season 1)


How far can you go to protect the one you love? Danny is a single parent living with his son Josh, Josh is diagnosed with lung disease and has a very short time to live, the only thing which can save him is organ donation which is very rare to find. Danny is a desperate father who remembers his promise made to his dead wife that he will always protect his son no matter what it takes, to fulfill his promise he goes on a killing spree of donors to find the match of the lung his son needs

Until Kabir, an intelligent officer at the crime branch suspects the deaths of all organ donors as murders, He starts breaking the case down with all he has when he realizes the next victim could be his own wife, now he goes on a hunt to find and catch the killer to save his wife.

Who will win this ultimate cat and mouse game? Can Danny protect his son or will he be captured by CBI officer? how far the love can go ?

find out in : Breathe


THIS WEB SERIES IS JUST INSANE!!! the cat and mouse game between these 2 men, willing to protect the one they love is just insane. This series has so many satisfying plot twists and so many edge-of-the-seat experiences that will just bring your goosebumps. The emotional connection you’ll be having with Danny even knowing is not 100% right is just so magical. the screenplay is also very fast-paced and could have been a bit slower in conversation which would have been better for character development but for some people, the fast paced can be a positive point too, Actors were 10/10 in this masterpiece, BGM was extremely accurate too. which makes this series an amazing watch

So you need to watch it right now, definitely one of the best cinematic experience made in India

Genre : Thriller , Suspense , Crime

Streaming On Amazon prime


2) Taaza Khabar


Vasant Gawde is a sanitation worker who is living his life with sorrow and facing financial and family problems in his day-to-day life.

One random day, his whole life takes a 360-degree turn when he comes across a magical power that can predict future , and now Vasant Gawde takes his life in his hands decides to be the richest with his power which curls everything around him

What will Vasant Gawde do with his powers to become the richest? What challenges will he face?

find out in Taaza khabar


The screenplay and the direction of this masterpiece takes a 10/10 from my side, it is very engaging and very gripping from the very first episode. This web-series reminds me the story and personality of The Great Ravana which is outstanding to watch , the emotional and political aspects are focused sometimes but even outlooked sometimes , Bhuvan Bam did one of his best performance ever we could literally see and feel his character development with his expressions, The rest of the cast was amazing too ( Shriya Pilgaonkar , Pratham , JD )

the concept of this web series is so much entertaining and beyond imagination, the story of Vasant will make you love, hate , and relate with him. and the best part was its climax which makes me go crazy for the next season. So this is 100% a must watch

genre : Fantasy , Thriller , comedy

Streaming on Hotstar disney plus


1) Farzi


Farzi means fake but how illegal is fake? Sunny is a talented artist living in Mumbai who belongs to a middle class family, he is disillusioned by the income inequality of middle-class people in India and is facing financial issues. tired of his issues He then gets an idea of misusing his talent by teaming up with his best friend

The idea is to make fake/duplicate currency of Indian currency notes and become a millionaire using the fake currency (counterfeiting)

He later is tackled by CBI , Gangsters and becomes the most wanted criminal in the country

How far will he go without being caught? How accurate can he be in making a fake currency?

Find out in : Farzi


This is my favorite web-series of India, This show is literally the Breaking bad of India, It is so realistic and amazingly executed that is beyond your imagination. The journey of a common man who becomes the most wanted criminal in the country is so so so perfect, each and every scene of counterfeiting makes you wanna believe this could be actually happening in country right now, you get emotionally involved in this web series and you feel exactly what the series want you to feel. You will laugh , You will be thrilled , You will be shocked after watching this masterpiece. The cat and mouse game between Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi is so interesting and fun to watch. actors were 10/10 in this web-series as well

The character development was amazing as well but could have been shown more and the ending was a bit fast paced for me coz i wanted to see more of the end but the cliffhanger for season 2 is also a positive points for some

So do not miss this beyond-imagination web series this surely is one of the best, and for breaking bad/crime thriller followers it is a must watch they should not miss it.

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama

Streaming on Amazon Prime


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