5 Fascinating Ongoing Anime That Will Keep You Hooked!

5 Fascinating Ongoing Anime That Will Keep You Hooked!

5) Dr Stone


A normal day becomes an abnormal and most unfortunate day when a ray of light comes and the ray of light is not just a light but a disaster which ends up turning the whole mankind, humanity into a stone.

Years later high schooler Taiju awakens and finds himself lost in a world of statues. However, he finds out he is not alone. His science-loving friend Senku is awake too. Senku has also developed a masterplan to bring back humanity with the power of Science

What is in the mind of these 2 high schoolers ? Can they bring Humanity back? How dangerous there journey will be?

find out in : Dr stone


the post-apocalyptic world shown in Dr stone is so amazing, The characters and the way the story moves is just mad entertaining, You’ll enjoy every episode of this anime. the bond between these 2 high schoolers is so realistic and funny I Loved it. It is a rare combination of fun, culture, and education with a beautiful animation style. You’ll learn so much in this anime with fun which is definitely better than science in your school lol. The way they try to build back the world again with a sharp mind but with immature behavior is my favorite thing. The animation, amazing story, characters , hint of science, and super fun bond of these 2 makes Dr Stone worth watching

Genre : Adventure, Sci-fi, Action

Streaming On Netflix


4) Demon Slayer


Tanjiro Komado a teenage boy living with his family, Who also earns bread for his family. One day after working he comes home back from his work, and he suddenly smells blood in his house when he takes a look inside and the view terrified him out of his wits, the view of his whole family being brutally murdered by demons leaves him in shock, Tanjiro’s whole family is dead except for his sister Nezuko. Nezuko is slowly turning into a demon.

Tanjiro now wants to cure his sister and make her back human again and he is also ready to avenge his family by killing each and every demon by becoming a demon slayer

Can he cure his half-demon sister back? Can he become a demon slayer? Where the journey will take tanjiro to? Can he kill treacherous bloodthirsty demons to avenge his family?


First of all the animation!! literally one of the best animations ever in anime history!! 10/10 for animation , intro, outro, BG music. Demon Slayer includes so many emotions and the purity of everyone even demons will touch your heart. we can easily see the POVs of each and every character in this anime, the fights are amazing, the character designs are very appealing, and the comedy in between will make you smile but not laugh out of loud. Sometimes the side characters were very kiddish for me? but you can skip that part and enjoy this amazing flavorful anime

The only reason its ranked a bit lower is its very very popular and it does have a bit cliche plot if you watch anime alot but 100% it is a must watch

Genre : Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Streaming on Netflix, Crunchy roll

(is also available in hindi dub)


3) Hell’s Paradise


Gabimaru the hollow, is a cold blooded assassin who has crazy strength and dangerous fighting skills after failing all the attempts to execute him, Government knows he cannot be executed and nothing can kill him due to his superhuman body. they decides to send gabimaru to an mysterious island to gather a flower which is worth more than millions of treasure called the elixir of life

Now Gabimaru wants to find out the elixir of live to make his life normal and to go back to his love of life, but this island is mysteriously filled with 100s of monsters and harmful creatures

Can Gabimaru defeat all of these monsters to meet the love of his life? Can he find the elixir of life ?

Find Out in : Hell’s paradise


Hell’s Paradise is a part of the Dark shonen trio which includes 3 anime- Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and Hell’s Paradise. out of all, 3 hell’s Paradise is my favorite. following the story of gabimaru, Gabimaru is such a badass and overpowered character which is so amazing to watch it gives you a very chilling and cold vibe and I definitely loved it. The love angle in this anime is so so beautiful as well. each and every convict of this anime has its own story and its own specialities which makes the story even more exciting. The animation is peak the storyline keeps on getting interesting, the characters are crazy, and amazing action and emotions makes this anime my type

you should not miss this amazing anime at all. It is very fresh and amazing anime to binge!

Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Streaming On Netflix


2) Vinland Saga


Set in medieval period of Vikings, A young son Thorfinn and his father Thors who is also called the Great Warrior and the strongest Viking were living their life with peace until, tragedy strikes when their peaceful existence is shattered by a band of ruthless Viking mercenaries led by Askeladd which leads to the death of Thors

Watching his father die, Thorfinn takes an oath to kill Askeladd in a duel to avenge his father’s death. He is not willing to stop, he is eager to kill Askeladd no matter whatever it takes

What turn the journey of thorfinn will take ? Can he Avenge his Father’s death? or will he be killed in between ?

Find out in : Vinland Saga


Vinland Saga is Probably the best Anime On this list , Cult classic, superb animation , great story , interesting fights & characters this anime is mind blowing. The only reason its not no.1 is it is not made for everyone, many people will find it boring, slow paced or too dark (skill issue) but yes this anime is a delight to watch , the change of pov you will get after watching this is crazy as well. emotional depth, complex scenes make this even more enjoyable for me

and the episode no 24 of s1 is also one of the highest ranked episode of all time in web series so you should not miss this cinematic masterpiece

Genre : Action, Adventure, Historical

Streaming On Netflix & Amazon prime


1) Oshi No ko


Based on new Gen, Ai is a pop idol struggling to rule pop industry with her talent and hardwork , meanwhile a doctor is busy in his own life dealing with emotions, also doctor is a hardcore fan of Ai who started following her because one of his cancer patient recommended him to with her last wish

one shiny day, doctor was busy attending his patients when one of his patient dealing with pregnancy came out to consult him. Yes the patient was no other than his favorite pop artist Ai, who is pregnant and wants a safe delivery

the story begins interesting at the time of the delivery of Ai, the doctor is killed by a mysterious person who wants to hunt Ai down, now the doctor and his recently-deceased patient are reborn as twins of Ai who further searches for the stranger who wants to hunt Ai down and the one who killed doctor

Can they protect Ai from that deadly stranger? Who is the killer of the doctor?

find out in : Oshi no ko ( My star )  


The mystery, build-up, emotional connection, and thrill is literally 10/10. This is one of the highest-rated anime till now, with its crazy mystery fantasy story that will keep you hooked throughout. The world of Pop idols and fans who are going crazy for them, and crazy till you cannot imagine is so real and scary, character designs are pretty good, the cuteness of kids in episode was wholesome , emotions are purely feelable without even expressing by words, pacing is amazing you wont get bored at all

Concluding, this anime is crazy with one of its best build up and story definitely a must watch.

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Fantasy

Streaming on Netflix


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