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5 Most incredible Sci-fi Web-series to binge right now!

5 Most incredible Sci-fi Web-series to binge right now!

5) Altered Carbon


Set in a futuristic world , whereby humans can survive physical death by having their memories and awareness “re-sleeved” into new bodies. awareness is digitalized and stored in cortical stacks which is later implanted in the new body of the of the previous soul. Story follows “Envoy” a prisoner who was imprisoned for 250 years, He now gets a chance to start a fresh and free life but to start his new life he needs to solve a murder case of an aristocrat and catch the killer as soon as he can

Can Envoy solve the murder case ? Can he catch the killer ? or will he be imprisoned again ?

Find out in : Altered carbon


Netflix’s Altered Carbon is definitely an promising and gripping sci-fi web-series to watch , with amazing set designing, very futuristic cinematography , and brilliantly designed character this web-series earns more positive points. Story is simple yet a bit hard to adjust with but the actors have done a very good job to make this web-series more interesting. Screenplay is absurd sometimes for some of the watchers yet entertaining for some. Just because of some plot holes and uneven writing this web-series is placed at number 5 in our list

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4) Westworld


set in a futuristic amusement park where affluent visitors can engage with lifelike robot hosts in realistic Wild West and other historical settings. Problems arise when the robotic hosts start to show symptoms of sentience and rebellion as the plot develops, which sparks a nuanced investigation of identity, awareness, and the hazy distinctions between humans and machines, leading things which are far beyond from being Legal

Who will dominate the future A.I or humans ? How far can they both go to win this battle ?

Find out in : Westworld


This dystopian Sci-fi web-series is very intelligently written with very thought provoking plot which you can definitely relate with, Even currently our world is facing the growth of AI rapidly so it is very relatable and unsettling at the same time. This web-series not only serves you with good concept but the story of this web-series includes many plot twists that will keep you entertained throughout every season. However, because of having incoherent and slow screenplay this web-series also faced a downhill and lost its spark which is the reason itself it is not that superior throughout 4 seasons, this is why it is placed at no 4 in our list

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3) Black Mirror


Over a Decade, technology has been partially dominating us and changing every aspect of our life and even after knowing its consequences not once we have tried stopping it but what will happen when the inventions of human will be dangerous for human itself.

how far is technology going and how harmful it is ? can we stop it or control it to secure our future from this black side of technology ?

find out in this anthology web-series : Black mirror


This anthology web-series of Netflix is one of the most loved web-series, very thought provoking stories of almost each and every episode , its exploration of dystopian futures, technological advancements is absolutely mind blowing , the relationship between humans and technology is shown at its peak with no flaws. Its anthology concept of different stories with different emotions with different characters attracts people so much but at the same time it contains some bad episodes which makes this series number 3 in our list. but still this is one of the best web-series to watch if you love sci-fi you should at least try it once.

Additional Episode – Bandersnatch ( Black mirror )

it is an interactive episode in which the story will continue with your choices with different outcomes it feels like a game but is a cinematic experience! do check it out as well

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2) Dark


A small German village experiences the disappearance of two children, exposing its dirty past as well as the parallel lifestyles and broken relationships of the four families searching for the children. a complex puzzle with unexpected turns is introduced. It involves a web of intriguing personalities, all of whom—whether they realise it or not—have some link to the town’s tumultuous past. The plot features supernatural components that are connected to the same town in 1986.

What are the supernatural things included ? and why are they related to the town ? Can they still find the kids ?

Find out in : Dark


This Netflix’s web-series is considered as one of the most mind bending web-series ever made with its twisted web like story, sci-fi factors and interesting characters attracts almost every sci-fi watchers at the same time its mind bending concept is not made for light enjoying entertaining cinema watchers. Dark web-series is now finished with its last season and most of the people love the ending of it which makes this web-series even more popular , setting the bar high for the rest of the mystery sci-fi web-series dark earns a spot in our list at number 2

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1) Severance


In the world where memories of people are surgically divided between their work life and their personal life , once they go in their office they forget all about their personal life and when they go outside the workplace they forget about what their work is and who their colleagues are. However, the problems arise when one of their mysterious colleague appears outside of work and he remembers everything bout what they work on even the dark side of it, he later becomes a threat to company when he decides to save his collegues. now they begin with a journey to discover the truth about their jobs


THIS WEB-SERIES IS A MASTERPIECE !!! it is thrilling, disturbing , weird, addictive and what not. This web-series has one of the most fresh and unique story, with mind blowing concept. Acting of Actors is amazing and very realistic which can even give you chills at times. Cliffhanger ending of episodes keeps you gripped throughout 2 seasons ,also it includes 10/10 background music which does the work of cherry on the cake . The screenplay is fast and unsettling , cinematography and direction is beautiful and very interesting which can make anyone a major lover of this web-series called severance with all these qualities, Severance earns a fair and confident spot in the top of our list. So make sure you do not miss it

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