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5 Must Watch K-dramas That Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

5 Must Watch K-dramas That Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

5) Penthouse : War In Life


A luxury Penthouse with 100 floors is filled with Mysteries and hidden ambitions, A wealthy couple living their lives happily until the wife finds out his husband is hiding secrets from her, A love life of a humble girl and a soprano is disturbed by a pianist who is here to have a simple and successful life

they all are ambitious and secretly dangerous, however their lives begin to crumble as a young mysterious girl falls to death in the penthouse party. As they try to hide the gore murder of the girl. they are left with only one option to find the killer which is to suspect each other and solve the mystery

who is the murderer ? what dark secrets do these penthouse residents have ?

find out in : “Penthouse : War in Life”


This series is immensely addictive, it will keep you hooked throughout, the mystery is amazing, the characters are super duper interesting and complex, and every other character is mysterious in this suspense-filled k drama. Direction of this show is impressive yet. You might find these rich characters annoying and unfair at times which can even make you uncomfortable ? but this is the motive of this kdrama, to show the web like life of characters. The drama explores themes of social inequality, power struggles, and the lengths people will go to protect their reputation. its gripping plot makes it a must watch but sometimes murders also looks very avoidable so its on no. 5th

Genre : Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Streaming On Netflix & Amazon Prime


4) Happiness


Set in a futuristic world where a drug has been made to defeat Corona, but everything comes with a price so does this drug, this drug has even worse side effects which leads to people going into a zombie-like state. Now in this zombie outbreak, a newly build high-rise apartment is quarantined and this apartment is filled with people from diverse backgrounds.

when they all begin to clash, they start struggling to survive in this deadly era

Can they survive this apocalypse? Can they live in Peace with each other? How far they can go to survive?

Find out in : Happiness


Post-apocalyptic word shown in this K-drama is truly commendable, You’ll relate to the covid world so much coz we ourselves have seen the outbreak and we have been there emotionally and physically which makes this web-series 10 times more interesting and worth watching, the zombie angle of this web-series is really intense and thrilling to watch as well, the direction was weak at many various parts , the screenplay felt of too but the concept and the strong characters makes it worth watching

Genre – Post-apocalyptic , Action , Fantasy , Horror

Streaming On Netflix


3) D.P


A Joon-Ho is a calm, dedicated, and passionate soldier. He later meets sergeant park Beom-Goo, when both of them join D.P they are encountered with a mission to catch a deadly deserter, which leads them into the adventurous journey of “survival of the fittest”

Can they catch the deserters? Where will this journey lead them into ?

Find out in : D.P


The military execution of this K-drama is outstanding and really fun to watch, the action-thrill this kdrama provides everything you need to watch to entertain yourself, with one of the best stories , mind blowing acting, and crazy direction and badass dialogues. This k-drama really shows the POV of both the sides of deserter and the protagonist, also their emotional sides are well executed and it feels like a connection with them and with 10/10 BGM and fast paced screenplay this K-drama is a must watch

Genre – Action , Thriller , Crime

Streaming On Netflix


2) Taxi Driver


Story revolves around a elite taxi driver who is way more than just a taxi driver , he has a dangerous interest in getting revenge on behalf of his passengers no matter whatever it takes

getting revenge on behalf of his customers will lead him to various misadventures and what are those ?

find out in : Taxi driver


The simpler the story sounds the complex and interesting it is trust me. This web series is just mind-blowingly gripping, following an insane plot it has amazing actors as well as the perfect BGM needed, clean writing, and 10/10 direction will make this web series a must-watch. Dark and crisp cinematography sets the mood along with a fantastic soundtrack to accompany it. Currently 10 episodes in and I am absolutely in love with this show! It also doesn’t get stale, because every 2-3 episodes there’s someone new that they are helping, while also having story development that lasts the entire show. It’s all very nicely tied

so this kdrama is just way too gripping and a must watch

Genre : Crime , Thriller

Streaming On Netflix


1) Kingdom


Set during periodic dynasty era, A kingdom is well settled and living with peace until the king gets diagnosed from smallpox which later leads to his death , after his death crown prince takes over the kingdom but taking over the kingdom comes with great responsibility because a plague a deadly plague is going all over there kingdom and their crown prince is the only hope they have

Can they get over that mysterious plague ? What is that plague all about? is the crown prince wise and responsible enough to handle the situation?

find out in : Kingdom


THIS IS A PERFECT ZOMBIE WATCH , i personally loved it way more than any other zombie show, this is how it is done. Perfect zombie apocalyptic world, 10/10 costume and set designing , 10/10 actors , this kdrama is just a delight for all horror/zombie watchers. intense , unsettling , spooky this show provides it all, and what can i say south korea has mastered in making cinema of zombies – train to busan , #alive , all of us are dead , and now kingdom just way too good , magical and so realistic experience

This kdrama is just like poison you wont be able to get over it which makes it a must watch

Genre : Western zombie , Horror , Action

Streaming On Netflix


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