5 Most incredible Sci-fi Web-series to binge right now!

5) Altered Carbon PLOT Set in a futuristic world , whereby humans can survive physical death by having their memories and awareness “re-sleeved” into new bodies. awareness is digitalized and stored in cortical stacks which is later implanted in the new body of the of the previous soul. Story follows “Envoy” a prisoner who was imprisoned for 250 years, He […]

The Ultimate List Of 5 best gripping Action-filled Web Series!

5) Moon Knight PLOT Steven Grant a gift shop employee is dealing with bad memories and bad dreams who are troubling him all day. He later discovers he is dealing with dissociative identity disorder, or he shares his body with mark Spector (another personality) Mark Spector is later drawn into a deadly mystery powers of Egyptian gods, As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge […]

5 Best Indian Web-series That Are Beyond Your Imagination

5) Escaype Live PLOT Social media is the fastest growing trend/app in this world which is driving people crazy for fame and money, following this a new live streaming ( social media ) app Escaype Live is launched, offering a big amount of money and massive fame to the best creator on their platform The journey starts when the lives […]