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The Ultimate List Of 5 best gripping Action-filled Web Series!

The Ultimate List Of 5 best gripping Action-filled Web Series!

5) Moon Knight


Steven Grant a gift shop employee is dealing with bad memories and bad dreams who are troubling him all day. He later discovers he is dealing with dissociative identity disorder, or he shares his body with mark Spector (another personality)

Mark Spector is later drawn into a deadly mystery powers of Egyptian gods, As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities.

Can Steven survive these mysterious gods and enemies converging , Can he know what is his mysterious past ?

find out in : Moon knight


Moon knight is filled with so many details and i love this thing about it, You will see so many easter eggs, hidden details in this web-series that you cannot miss, top notch action , great direction with Oscar Isaac’s best performance THIS web-series is a must watch, marvel has its own world in the category of web-series so i wont term it as the best marvel web-series but definitely one of the best.

CGI , BGM, Character designing is 10/10, the mid part of this web-series could have been cut short and the ending could have been extended a bit with a greater climax

Genre : Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Streaming On Hotstar

( available in hindi dub as well)


4) Peacemaker


Continuing from where The suicide squad (2011) left , Peacemaker a man with superpowers ( superhero?) who just wants peace at any cost and he can do anything for peace , is injured after a big mission, later he when he is recovered he realizes his freedom comes at a price

now for survival he needs to eliminate aliens and make this world a better place otherwise he has to suffer living hell, to kill the enemy peacemaker forms a weird and funny team of his allies

Can Peacemaker and his silly team eliminate the bad from the good ? or will they fail their mission leading his life to an end ?

Find out in : Peacemaker


John Cena was just outstanding in this one, higher than my expectations. The comedy and action this series follows is crazy good. You’ll be hooked throughout with this web-series, villains are outstandingly badass. Supporting cast and the team of peacemaker is so interesting in itself which makes this show 10 times betters, The story is great, the action is great, more touching moments than you would expect, and a lot of amazing action sequences. direction of James gunn pulled it off, it was as good as the movie. i wont lie i will say better than the movie, the comic feeling the thought process of Peacemaker shown in this is just way too clear and concise to watch.

i loved this web-series so much, it most likely became my comfort thing to watch ik its weird but it is what it is

Genre : Action , Comedy , Adventure

Streaming On Amazon prime


3) The Mandalorian


Set in a universe of Star wars after Boba fett, here comes another warrior in the force after the fall of emperor. He is a bounty hunter called “Mando” who lives his life in a harsh and lonely way, is assigned to protect the cutest and adorable creature called “baby Yoda”

protecting him through different times, different universe , galaxies and from different people is the main priority of Mando with a crazy journey which leads to Mando and baby Yoda forming a parental bond

can he protect Baby Yoda with all he has ? what turn their journey will take now?

find out : The Mandalorian


this web-series serves action , emotions , comedy ,adventure and a complete rollercoaster ride to everyone. Action , sci-fi is the peak point of this web-series, Pedro pascal is amazing he can make you feel emotions with his words only. You do not even need to see his face his voice and emotions are enough. The only thing that can bring this web-series down is you need to watch star wars or at least you have to know something , basics about star wars otherwise this series is amazing

Crazy story , good action , SUPER CUTE baby Yoda moments and thrilling BG music makes it bingeworthy and must watch

Genre : Action , Sci-fi, Adventure

Streaming On Hotstar Disney +


2) Warrior


Set in 19th century, San Francisco is a developing place where people come to shine, China-town is a place in San Francisco where Chinese immigrants face discrimination and violence from powerful crime organizations. Ah Sahm a young martial arts prodigy from china immigrates to here to find someone related to his mysterious past

but finding someone is not the only mission of Ah Sahm, he becomes the main man of most powerful and dangerous tong in china-town leading challenges, and uncovers secrets he can not imagine

Can he conquer deadly tongs and become the most powerful in China-town ? what challenges and secrets are awaiting him?

find out in : Warrior


This web series is such an underrated gem! people need to watch this ASAP. the story, martial arts action and hand-to-hand combat between Ah Sahm and the tongs is just perfect. Bruce Lee has its own flavor in web-series Racial discrimination, the back story of these immigrants, and the journey of Ah Sahm is literally a masterpiece. this web-series is probably the best in its own field the western world is also very believable and fun to watch which sometimes reminded me of Peaky Blinders too. this is completely a delight to watch, you will love and you’ll be into the world of Warrior

Make sure to watch this masterpiece for best hand to hand combat action written by bruce lee

Genre : Action , Adventure , Western


1) The Boys


What if superheroes really exists ? Set in a dark world where superheroes (called Supes) exist but they are far away from what we imagine and see from public eye

Hughie a common young man was spending time with his girlfriend until, he witnesses the tragic death of his girlfriend who is killed out of no where by a supe A train, who recklessly runs through her by crushing every part of her body in splashes of blood and the reason ? Carelessness

But Hughie wants revenge. he will not settle down, to follow his passion for revenge Hughie joins an underground group of 4 boys called “The boys” who desperately wants to take these supes down and make this world a better and real place

Can 4 common boys kill Supes the down ? How adventurous and deadly will there journey be? what are the dark secrets and the real side of Super heroes?

Find out in : The Boys


OH MY GOD!! This web-series is just insane, a cinematic masterpiece. “what if superheroes exist in real life” is literally shown at its best, the action, comedy, thrill, the suspense and the twists are so so good. You will never ever witness anything like this. Violence and gore is filled in this web-series ,the characters are interesting and every character has its own POV explained very well. The color scheme of this web-series is very dark and not so vibrant which goes as per the series perfectly , hindi dub is also very bingeable and good to watch- you wont feel weird or bad at all. BGM is crazy as well which makes the scenes even more tense and thrilling

This is one of my fav web-series, filled with everything you need to enjoy a masterpiece. Literally one of the best in its own field.

Genre : Action , Comedy , Crime

Streaming On Amazon Prime


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