Top 5 Most Hilarious Comedy Movies To Watch Right Now

Top 5 Most Hilarious Comedy Movies To Watch Right Now

5) Hangover ( Trilogy )


4 best friends are leaving their hectic lives behind and going to celebrate their bachelors party in L.A before one of them gets married, and his marriage is scheduled in 2 days. Fun ? no ! this turns into a nightmare where the wedding boy goes missing and they have no memory of their last night with everyone leading to chaos, A baby is in their house , with a real tiger and no one knows how but leaving this aside. They have to find the 4th (wedding one) before the scheduled wedding time

Can they find the wedding one or this trip will ruin the marriage? What chaos awaits them ? and how are they gonna find him ?

Find out in : Hangover (PLOT of 1st part )


Hangover is considered one of the most hilarious and favorite comedy movies, and you’ll know why after watching it!! Fun, Mystery, and relatable moments makes this movie a must-watch. Fast paced screenplay of this movie with hilarious moments makes this movie way better. 1st part is so superior to the rest of the parts of the hangover coz after watching 2nd part it feels repetitive and are not that enjoyable but you should definitely watch the first part as it has a fresh and good comedy you can watch this weekend.


4) Lootcase


A middle class Family man Nandan, living with his wife and his son, fails to meet his and his family’s financial requirements which leads to him suffering from financial burden. His life takes an 360 degree turn when he finds a big suitcase full of cash, Nandan finds himself lucky and he grabs the suitcase along with happiness but he doesnt know this suitcase belongs to an Crazy MLA and he soon finds himself being chased by a notorious gangster, an honest cop and that MLA , who want the suitcase at any cost.

all of them behind a single suitcase will lead him into what troubles? How far they all can go to get the suitcase ? Can Nandan survive this big chaos ?in who’s fate the suitcase lies?

Find out in : Lootcase


Lootcase is an outstanding black comedy movie with tons of plot twists to keep you engaged. Lootcase not only gives you thrill and plot twists with a unique and fresh plot but the comedy and hilarious moments in this movie are way too good, it kept me on my laughter rampage. Kunal Khemu and the rest of the cast were outstanding as well and the direction and the screenplay of the movie were crazy and fast-paced to keep anyone engaged and gripped throughout. The POV of 3 different worlds – rich, middle class, and the criminals is impressive as hell which makes this movie a must watch and a PERFECT ENTERTAINER TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND

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3) Honsla Rakh


Jaggi Singh falls in love with a very ambitious and goal-oriented woman, after their marriage, they are blessed with a baby boy, but Jaggi’s wife does not want to invest her time and efforts in raising her kid and wants to focus on her career first. So leaving Jaggi and his kid alone she leaves for her career

Now After 7 years , Jaggi being a single father and taking care of his kid he tries to fall in love once more and find a mother for his son and revive his love life, then runs into his ex after she comes back to the city after seven years?

Who will become the wife of Jaggi ? Is it the same old chapter or a new book to discover ?

Find out in : Honsla Rakh


This movie is hilariously good , only drawback of this movie is it has some punjabi words and refrences which are a bit difficult to understand for some but highly adjustable too. Diljit dosanjh is an S tier actor and he adds an absolute rib-tickling moments just with his expressions, kid in this movie was very adorable and funny too and sonam bajwa adds glamour and wow looking moments to this movie as well. climax is pretty good , and whole movie is very gripping and fun and the western culture with indian people is funny as hell too so do watch this movie for unforgettable and funny moments


2) Zombieland


Two men who have managed to survive in a zombie-infested planet. Columbus is a big wimp, but terror may keep you alive when you’re frightened of zombies eating you. Tallahassee is a zombie-slaying, AK-wielding badass whose only goal in life is to obtain the last Twinkie(chocolate) and live his life like a celebrity. As they band together with Wichita and Little Rock, who also thinks killing people for their own good is the best and backstabbing is what they love. Now Columbus and Tallahassee must decide if relying on one another who can backstab them anytime is bad or surrendering to the zombies is worse

Can they survive a land filled with zombie ? Wichita and little Rock are really the imposter and will end up killing the other duo ? or will they live together and survive with peace ?

Find out : Zombieland


Zombieland is by far one of my fav zombie movies , the post-apocalyptic world , Star-cast , and amazing zombie sequences make this movie more than just a comedy movie + the comedy is so good that it will make you laugh into tears. Characters of this movie are extremely interesting and funny too. In short a perfect cocktail of comedy and zombie genre this movie is. this movie also has its sequel which is very good and amazing too, it wont disappoint you at all.


1) The Intouchables


In Paris, the aristocratic and intellectual Philippe is a millionaire but fate tackles him and he meets an accident where he loses his ability to walk and becomes a quadriplegic, His fun life becomes very bland and depressing and he needs someone who can help him with his life and take care of him. So he starts interviewing potential caregiving candidates alongside his red-haired secretary Magalie. Out of the blue A young, irresponsible, funny, offender shows up for the interview, but he is not genuinely interested in the position. However, to his surprise, he is hired. Now young man takes it as a challenge and he accepts the challenge and moves to the mansion, changing the boring life of Phillipe and his employees.

Now can he change the life of the Phillippe or he’ll loose his job ? What turn will their journey take ?

find out in : The Intouchables


Comedy is not all about adult jokes or dark humour , sometimes comedy which makes you happy from inside matters the most and nothing can do it better than this movie, this movie will make you laugh will make you feel more alive , will make you feel more comfortable, grateful towards life which is the best thing cinema can offer. There is a reason why this is the most popular and favourite French movie, 10/10 for the actors 10/10 for the screenplay and what makes this movie more enjoyable, funny and inspiring is its based on a 100% real story. So you should definitely not miss this cinematic masterpiece and enjoy the cinema


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