Top 5 Underrated Anime That You Can Binge Watch Right Now!

Top 5 Underrated Anime That You Can Binge Watch Right Now!

5) Banana Fish


Set in America , A young gang leader Ash lynx gets caught in up an extremely mysterious situation where he is asked to find banana fish which is linked with vicious mafia boss Dino

Now the battle of redemption between a young gang leader and a dangerous mafia boss has begun

To check out what is banana fish and who will win the battle ? find out in Banana fish


This anime is an extremely engaging anime which will keep you gripped from the start , the best part about this anime is it is so Realistic and engaging with so many plot twists you wont see coming and the slight hint of comedy in each and every episodes does not make the episodes dark or too heavy So you have to watch this anime with Just 24 episodes and of 15-20 mins each and this crime thrilling anime will stay in your head forever !

  • Genre – Adventure , crime , thrilling


4) Terror in Resonance


Two young boys going by the names of Nine and Twelve steals a prototype atomic bomb in an apparent terrorist attack with the sign of ‘ VON ‘ , After stealing a dangerous weapon they have started doing destruction among the city and to stop these destruction and to catch them you need to crack their mysterious riddles and solve them with as soon as possible or BOOM! there is no stopping

so can our detectives crack the riddles and puzzles given by these teenagers and stop the chaos ? and who are them ? what is the motive behind these chaotic incidents lead by ‘Nine and Twelve’ ? how far they can go to win ?

find out in Terror In Resonance


I LOVED THIS ANIME !! This show gives me the vibes of death note anime just because of the cat and mouse chase between the detective and our anti hero protagonists , Which makes the show even more bingeable and interesting the puzzle solving IQ and the investigation is one of my favourite thing in this anime , the animation is pretty cool as well , the only reason its not placed that high is I wanted to see more of terror in resonance

  • Genre – Crime , Suspense , Thriller


3) Your lie in April


Arima Kousie a perfect piano prodigy looses his ability to play piano because of traumatic death of his mother which made him loose all of his passion , skills , and happiness

later , after a long period of time finds a crazy hyper girl who is a violin artist forces Arima to team up with her and help her win a big music competition forcing Arima to make a comeback in old , happy , musical , passionate life

will they win the competition? what happens to the mental health of Arima and how hard it is for him to make a comeback again which makes his life like a nightmare ?

find out in Your lie in April


I do not have words to describe how beautiful this anime is , its just a pleasure to your eyes , beautiful cinematography , addictive musical scenes , extremely real and amazing love story and the best display of ones emotions and mental health after a traumatic accidents is just the beauty of this anime

this anime is so heart warming , you wont even know since when you started feeling the same emotions as them ! its just pure beauty . No one should miss this anime , it makes you a better person and teaches you things that you wont even realise are so important in life

So do not this rollercoaster ride of emotions , the only reason its ranked lower is its not that underrated

  • Genre – Musical romance , Romantic drama , Slice of life

3) Odd Taxi


set in a world of animals (anthropomorphic) , The plot follows the story of Odokawa who is 41 years old and suffering from bad mental health , who is a taxi driver by profession .now because of his taxi work he encounters some people who bring mystery and violent incidents in his live and on the other hand . In the city where Odokawa is living , A young girl goes missing and that girl was last seen in the taxi of odokawa itself , pointing all clues to odokawa being a criminal and side by side a most wanted criminal is following is following Odokawa for major mysterious reason

who is responsible for the disappearance of the young girl ? is it really odokawa ? why is most wanted criminal following odokawa ? is he somehow related to the criminal ?

find out in Odd Taxi


THE STORY OF THIS ANIME IS WAY MORE THAN WHAT I WROTE IN SUMMARY SO INTERESTING AND SO REAL!!! The story of this anime is legit 10/10 . The more you go deeper into the story the more you watch this anime the more interesting and crazy it gets just like a web ! i absolutely loved the plot twist at the end too , the involvement of Crazy gamers , Crazy fandoms of celebrities , the corruption , this anime covers it all each and every segment of society , the life of a solo man and his mental and physical problems was so well written and executed .. the only reason its ranked lower is the other one hit me way harder

  • Genre – Mystery , psychological thriller


1) Link Click


2 young boys Cheng and Lou runs a photo studio , but not just a normal photo studio they run a time photo studio by helping people to gather some information and relief their regrets just because of the powers they are born with – Cheng can travel back into the time of the photo was taken and can assume the identity of the photographer with him absorbing all the memories and the emotions of the person just by looking at the photo and at the same time Lou has the ability to keep track of the events pf where and when the photo was taken and guiding Cheng in his journey of time travelling into the photo with the conditions they have to just relief the regrets and leave the past unchanged

But this time the mess is real , they accidentally have changed the past leading a rise of a serial killer

what have they done ? who is the killer ? how can they fix it ?

find out in LINK CLICK



This anime has only 11 episodes and it provides – emotions , crime , thrill , sci-fi, action , suspense all of these genres in a single anime , the animation is top notch , the story is 10/10 , emotions of this anime is well written and executed , plus the intro and the outro is just so addictive that you cant skip even once. Perfect storyline + perfect animation + outstanding Bgm , Intro/outro + mind blowing plot twist = link click . This anime at its climax made me skip my heartbeats and broke me in cold sweat which clearly tells how good this anime is

You have to watch this legendary anime , You’ll love it 200%

  • Genre – Sci-fi , Crime , Thriller


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