Top 6 Most Unique Romantic Movies Which Will Make You Forget The Cliché Love Stories

Top 6 Most Unique Romantic Movies Which Will Make You Forget The Cliché Love Stories

6) scott pilgrim vs the world


Scott is a 23-year-old guitarist who aspires huge success in his life, he also wants a good girlfriend to make her love life better. Later on, Scott meets a girl Ramona and he immediately falls in love with her without even knowing the mysterious past of Ramona

Now Ramona is not that easy to get, as she comes with her 7 evil ex-boyfriends/lovers who are willing to do anything to control the love life of Ramona, with each of whom Scott must do battle to the death to win Ramona. he must prove himself by defeating the league of her seven exes who controls her love life. If Scott wants to find true love with Ramona, he must defeat all seven, before the game is over.

Will Scott defeat all of her seven ex-boyfriends? how far they 7 can go to control Ramona’s love life?

find out in : Scott pilgrim vs the world


This movie is weirdly funny and so crazy! I enjoyed the whole movie so much, it is just eye catching movie. This movie is a complete cocktail of comedy romance and action directed so weirdly amazing. it just feels like you are watching a comic movie with crazy BG music and good performance of actors. It succeeds in telling an offbeat story, providing interesting characters, and in producing lots of laughs with alot of puns in it

 I would highly recommend it to anyone in their teens or twenties to watch this movie and enjoy the unique and weird love story. the only reason it’s not ranked high are the other were way too superior for me with even crazier plots you’ll watch

Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy

Streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple Tv


5) Silent voice


Shôko Nishimiya is a school student who has impaired hearing. She transfers to a new school, where she is bullied by her classmates, especially Shôya Ishida the naughtiest kid. Shoya crosses his limits in bullying which leads to Shoko having no option but to leave the school, After when Shoko leaves the school because of Shoya, Shoya feels guilty and is called a bad person leading he getting bullied himself, with no friends to speak to and no plans for the future.

Years after living in guilt, sorrow and facing bad mental health Shoya decides to correct his mistakes by apologizing and atoning his sins to Shoko

Is it too late for realizing? Can he be happy once again? will she forgive him?

find out in A silent voice


I watched this movie when i was not really a fan of animes and this still is one of my fav romantic movie ever. the way this movie covers the concepts of bullying, suicide , mental health , regret , and the love of friendship, the feeling of living a live is probably at its peak, the way this movie begins and the visual this movie contains is enough to make a grown person cry, the way how we see changes in shoya’s life is actually mind blowing

Do not miss this movie considering it is an animated movie. This is way better than other content out there. The power this movie has to change your P.O.V is unbelievable

Genre: Romance, Mental Health, Animation , Slice of life

Streaming on Netflix


4) Barfi!


Barfi is a story of unconditional and blind love, which involves 3 characters- barfi is a middle-class deaf man who wants to live a happy life and he loves Shruti, but Shruti wants to live a rich and amazing life so she decides to marry a rich guy instead of barfi leaving barfi alone.

Years later, their paths cross again and shruti realizes she still loves barfi but this time barfi is on a mission to find his childhood friend Jhilmil who has gone missing and she is autistic, in desperation to find Jhilmil barfi falls in love with her leading a crazy unconditional love story

can barfi find Jhilmil? Can he find the love of his life? what happens to shruti?

find out in : Barfi!


THIS MOVIE IS ONE OF THE FAVOURITE BOLLYWOOD MOVIES!! it is just so amazing, also the thinking of Barfi ( Ranbir Kapoor) made me laugh, cry and the love showed here is so pure so heartwarmingly good and the songs in between were legit 10/10 making it even more alive. the transitions and the end uff it was so amazing and Ranbir Kapoor could not do better than this he was perfect and so was Priyanka Chopra amazingly played autistic character

I recommend this movie to every Indian, by far my fav romantic movie of Bollywood so do not miss this emotional rollercoaster it is amazing

Genre : Romance , drama , comedy

Streaming On Netflix


3) HER


living in the future, Theodore is a man facing issues in his current marriage life who is basically in his final stages of divorce. He is actually stressed and alienated from everyone, lonely theodore buys an operating system like AI (siri)

and as said artifical Intelligence, the AI starts dealing with all problems of theodore and starts treating him like he never was treated, which makes him fall in love with the AI (samantha )

will this love stay forever ? is it actually love?

find out in: HER


Can love exist everywhere? love is way beyond what we can imagine, this movie shows us the concept of how love can exist at places we can’t think of and how can love to heal everything. This movie is way more beautiful than the plot explained above , the connection between AI Samantha and theodore is so pure and mind blowing, the way they communicate the way he feels with an AI is crazy actually. Way more than you can imagine. The cinematography the visuals are also so amazing

This movie portrays the story of loneliness so perfectly with sucha unique concept to watch, definitely fresh content to consume ‘

Genre : Romantic , Western , Sci-fi

Streaming on Netflix


2) Shape Of Water


Elisa is a hardworking girl living alone in her house, and unfortunately she is mute. She works in an chemistry lab which is very mysterious which involves weird creatures living in the Lab. Elisa while doing her daily work finds a dangerous creature living in that lab in a water tank

Elisa develops a strange relationship with it leading the relationship to a deep bond with that amphibious creature 

Is there a future between a creature and a human? is there a future when you are trapped?

find out in : Shape Of Water


This movie is beautifully amazing which won so many awards and it deserves it all. the visuals the direction, the CGI and the editing used for the creature is so so goodd it feels so real and nice, how the daily routine changes of Elisa and how the tempo changes is so beautiful as well. the connection between them without even using them is so pure and wholesome. it sometimes reminded me of beauty and the beast at some point but with a twisted mature story

the less you know bout it the more you’ll enjoy it. so just go watch the movie if you want to watch love getting formed in a relationship without words Shape Of Water it is.

Genre : Fantasy , Romance , Sci-fi

Streaming On Disney + Hotstar


1) Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


Joel Barish is shocked and sad when the love of his life leaves him, he cannot move on from the love of his life clementine. Meanwhile, to stay happy clementine has had Joel erased from her memory to move on and start a new life. Joel decides to undergo through the same procedure of removing clementine from his memories and erase all the proofs and pieces of his relationships to start a new life

But when the process starts, when the memories are slowly disappearing in his brain Joel realizes he still loves clementine. After realizing he still loves clementine he tries to escape the procedure. He tries to fight back the process to save memories of their moments together.

Can he save his memory? How can he save the love of his life from his memories? Will he succeed in the mission or Will he lose all the memories of her and start an incomplete life?

find out in : Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless mind


This movie easily takes a spot in my top 3 movies of all time without a doubt. It is such a perfect movie and such an amazing movie with the craziest mind-blowing concept. the way he escapes the procedure is fascinating and fun and the direction of this movie , the transitions , the BG music , the work of the star cast is literally 10/10. Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey were literally outstanding

This movie also won many Oscars and known as one of the greatest movies ever made and it deserves it all. The ending is literally one of the most satisfying ending and how movie makes you feel everything is better than what you can expect

Do not miss this movie if you haven’t watched it yet. You are gonna love it 200%. Definitely a must watch

Genre: Romance , Sci-fi

Streaming On Amazon Prime

You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.


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